What is it with women who are attracted to a guy but don't give their telephone number? What is it with women who are attracted to a guy and always have an excuse as to why they can't go on a date? What is it with women, who are older than a guy to which they are attracted, who always seem distant at the most convenient moments? They do it because they want to have a power buzz - to get off on that act. And as 'Teddy' Crane says, on Boston Legal, "....it's that simple.".
Those girls should not be in your life. And as Tariq "Elite" Nasheed quotes in some of his radio episodes, 'CUT that bitch off!'.
I mentioned all of this because it's happened to me this past year. She's a hot, fit, dancer who is 36 going on 37; Greek and Egyptian roots. I'm about 29. I was thinking maybe she thought I was an undesirable male who might not be the best one to give her strong children. I don't know. But listening to past radio episodes that Elite has done, a scientific explanation (of her behavior) would be bullshit.
I know my game isn't up to standards, but it couldn't have been that bad. Any way, I have moved on from it.
As the say nin the business world, what is the bottom line? It is that men should not have to pander to that type of behavior from females no matter how attractive they are.