As far as my title is concerned, I hope to add the film of the same name, to this posting, when I see it.
    Now, if you've come across anything related to the *shudder* Twilight sequel, you have probably noticed that every child (figuratively or literally) who is going crazy over the new film has the most attrocious grammar, and spelling, of anyone across whom you've come. The people I have seen, who aren't making horrible mistakes, are the people who are annoyed with this fillm; filled with moist vampires in skinny-jeans.
I'm surprise that -- well, not really surprised; it's a tween cash-cow - that this film has had ANY sequel. In the words of Stephen King, "Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a damn". It took 3 films and still, nobody got killed, or turned; nobody got bitten, nobody got laid. You have a 'vampire' who is over a century old, with a teenage body, and  has never been laid - who hasn't even gotten to first base with a female(!), and girls in the cinema are screaming every time they see him.
"How the hell are you going to be a vampire in skinny jeans", sums it up perfectly.
Let's see what a few level headed individuals had to say to psychotic fanatics of Twililght and some from fans themselves, on Yahoo:

This example is quite sad. Being brought up with films like Twilight. Her view of quality films will forever be skewed. How will she view real men when she's older??

Here is a woman in her fifth decade of life, who is actually logical. Vampires were NEVER moist! This is a woman who recognizes "BLADE", and "Lost Boys", and "Forsaken", among others.

Need I say more? In Twilight there is, 1) NO blood, 2) NO killing, 3) NO sex, 4) NO masculinity, 5) NO dignity, 6) .......

The last line basically shows what we have all seen: who actually thinks these films are worth something.
The first paragraph sums up the general consensus of even the most willing film critics - amateur, or professional.

This comment about "Lost Boys" will probably make @actionchick laugh out loud. She had done an interview with Cory Feldman.
Of course there are others, "Forsaken", all the classics of the silver screen, "Angel" the series, BLADE, "Nosferatu", "Shadow of the Vampire" (a film that takes Nosferatu behind the scenes, except with a real vampire). And thats just a few.
So next time you see moist shit like Twilight, or someone who likes them, give them a swift kick in the ass, and rebuke them, and it.

This is Johnny Marvéll, and you've just been given simple, honest, direct language. Euphemism free.