Damn. Yet another black woman who hates herself and is desperate to be accepted by whites; not to mention, pretty damn eager to throw a brotha' under the bus because they see through your BULL-SHIT. That's right.
These are the type of women who when you ask them, "Are you from Africa?" they'll get offended. They could be black as hell, lookin' like Whoopy; they'll respond with some bullshit european answer, "Oh no, I'm mixed with dutch, with portugese,-- um yeah my mama is from Russia....etc" Black as hell, and they claim to be everything under the sun BUT african. They're the ones who out-spanish even the most hard core spanish person yelling louder than ANYBODY when a salsa tune comes on. You sistah's need a bottle of sit-yo-ass-down!!
    These are the type of black women who are very quick to throw other black people under the bus. --
Let's take NO 1. for example. What she is basically saying there, is that there are more down-low black men than whites!!!! Total. God-damned. bullshit!! There's waaaaay more white guys doing that than brotha's...!
So her list starts off with garabage, and bullshit!! The thing is, with white guys, when they do it, they don't call it the 'down-low'...!    You have senators, governers, congressmen, mayors, et cetera, being pushed out to reveal themselves; especially with twitter and TMZ now, and so on. So you CANNOT say that it's more prevelant in the black community!!
So this chick is ALREADY WRONG on the first one!!!!
    Now, the second one, my factual response to that is that sistah's try to find the lowest brotha' in the community; the lowest brotha on the totem pole - because they WANT a brotha whose needy; to feel like they can CONTROL a brotha that way. So, a lot of sistah's are turn-offed by brotha's of whom do not need to be taken care...!! A lot of black women are INTIMIDATED BY THAT.
    Let's go to No. 3 which *ahem* is a very 'interesting one: there are MANY educated black men who are in college...! The thing is sistah's consider college educated black men, as nerds! They consider them brotha's as nerds, and squares... Also a lot of sistah's in college are chasing after the pro athletes! Guys who might go to the NBA or NFL! A lot sistah's IGNORE the guy whose about to get his masters degree!; a guy who is studying to get his learn on.
And lets not ignore the fact that a lot of men from africa, have a lot of college degrees. And you sistah's damn well know you don't want to mess with them, with your bullshit, because they'll wup yo damn ass! You sistah's KNOW how you hate to be checked..!
    Let's go to No. 4: this one made me really piss myself laughing. Now ain't that the pot calling the kettle black?
Now lets keep it 100. Who are the ones having all these babies by all these black men?? Sistah's are the ones with the multiple babies and daddies!!! I'm not talking about ALL sistah's.... But truth be told, black men have zero control over who can have children! You know that black feminist bullshit. And really, it takes one to make the choice about whether or not to have a child. And black men DON'T HAVE THAT CHOICE.
    Let's go to No. 5: This is another pot-calling-the-kettle-black thing. All white guys are not like the white guys you see on television. And many black women will match a black man's ignorance with ignorance. There's a LOT of ignorance, among sistah's, festering in the black community. Let's keep it 100 shall we?
And in general, you show me an ignorant dude, and nine times out of ten, he has an ignorant mom. THat's from where he's learned to be ignorant.
And saying that white men don't glamorize - most white men think black women are welfare 'hood-rats! That's the reality!! So let's not get it twisted on that front either. Sistah's should really not be throwing around the ignorance issue especially when the go looking for white guys who think the exact same thing as you!
    Now, No 6, that one right there, is the coldest shit you could ever hear from a black woman. What you are basically saying there is that white guys have more money than black guys. The reality is, we KNOW the economy is designed to disenfranchise the black man! So of course white men are going to have more money; the system is designed for them (white men) to prosper. -- But black folks can STILL make money...! Let's keep it 100% .  But what's very funny, is that when a black men, such as athletes or entertainers, when THEY become wealthy, a lot of them will date outside their race! And one of the reason is because black women are not on the same level, not as stable, financially, as women of other races! And a lot fo sistah's get upset about that.. A lot of sistah's want brotha's to OVERLOOK that...! When a brotha starts making his money, he wants to be around a woman who is used to finances!
You sistah's don't over-look it when you date a black man, (like this woman who wrote this "article",) so don't you dare get upset when a black man DOESN'T over-look it with you!
    Now lets go to No. 7 - No. 7 is a douzy.  I like that one, because it's funny as hell LMAO
Basically what the above sistah means is that white men will forgive them for having a ho-ish past. These sistah's think that they can be whores and sluts, and that a white mn is just going to over-look that. AND THAT, IS NOT, THE CASE. They think that a white guy is going to turn a ho, into a house wife. You see a black man has the sense not to wife-up a ho. A lot of sistah's who have ho-ish backgrounds go get white guys, because a lot of white guys don't know your background, because, 1) he's from a different culture, 2) he doesn't know anybody that YOU know, and truth be told, you're probably the only black person he knows! So you can HIDE your background, from him; so he doesn't know that your're a ho - you can tell him anything! Also, because he doesn't know how to cross-reference anything that you've done.
    See a lot of brotha's don't date within their town because, if they get it on with a sistah who's been around town, word is going to get out and it could be quite embarassing! Because SOMEBODY is going to know the name, and word-of-mouth travels fast...! And if a brotha is choppin-up game with some of his friends, GUARUNTEED, one of them is going to know with which sistah you are! So when a brotha finds out about your background, they're gonna charge you to the game! So that ho shit don't run with the brotha's! And you think it's going to get better with the white dudes?!!?
They might wife-up a white ho, or an oriental ho, but they ain't going to be wifing-up a black ho...! Because at least their children will come out somewhat white... lol

    These lists that women like 'Madame (lol) Noir' here, are hilarious! And I really hope that you younger women are not taking 'women' like this seriously. Because the shit that they are telling you, is so played out, it'll be making you run in circles and keep you in the dark!! That's why I am here, to enlighten some of you sistah's and make you aware of bullshit that women like this are trying to kick. Telling you bullshit like "white men will look beyond your past." There's a difference between looking beyond your past, and NOT KNOWING your past. So you're better off them not knowing your past, because neither a white man, nor a black man will fall for that shit!

Now finally for No. 8, last BUT NOT least: bla bla, fucking bla, this tired-ass rhetoric... How long have you all been hearing that??! Women: stop saying that tired corny bullshit. And my response to this, is: white men don't take everything as a challenge to their masculinity because black women don't challenge them on anything! See a lot of black women are very disrespectful and they like to challenge black men. (And not just with black women...) But we ALL know how subservient black women are to white men; they're very DOCILE when it comes to dating white men.

Now all this, that I have just said, is just the tip of the iceberg.

(I am no way making money off of this, I am simply spreading the truth and the wonderful lessons of our Mackin' guru.)