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Alright some home truths here. Canon for SW includes the EU where it does not directly conflict with the movies. Canon for Star Trek has alsways been either what Roddenberry says or the latest Star Trek episode/movie. That is pretty cut and dried. No arguments from either side can successfully dispute that..

SW Facts:
-Heavy Turbolasers of CLone War era Troop Transports have a maximum output the equivalent of 200 billion tons of TNT.
-Weapons in vehicles as simple as an AT-AT can fire their main cannons on variable power levels according to ESB
-SW Hyperdrive can cross the known SW galaxy in a matter of days.

ST Facts:
-The power output of a Galaxy class warp core is ~12.5 billion billion watts
-The highly trained crew of the Enterprise D expected two attacks of 400 gigawatts each to cause some serious damage and casualtiies
-Crossing roughly half the Milky Way was going to take the Intrepid class Voyager 70+ years,

These are all taken out of context (originally: 'These are all canon facts')
I fixed your final quote for you, TW Nutcase...

ST Facts: The power outut of a Galaxy Class warp core was at that time ~ 12.75 Billion Gigawatts as per True Q at the time the question was posed - that was in orbit, with most tactical systems offline. It's safe to say they weren't running at anywhere near 100% capacity, especially given the slow, steady thrumming of the warp core (which we see on screen get faster and higher pitched as the power output increases). So, yes, the Galaxy Class outputs 12.75 Billion GW while at, what is essentially, station keeping. Also note - Data said "12.75 billion gigawatts per..." and never finished - per what? Day? Picosecond? Hours? Minute? Second? NOne of those make sense, as a watt is, in itself, a measure of something over time (in this case, Joules per Second). Thus, we really can't take too much from this unfinished, unconventional statement.

The Ent-D crew wasn't too disturbed by the 400 Gigawatts of PARTICLE ENERGY (not actual fucking electrons you incredible asshole) essentially scrambling the shields. The exact quote is:

Worf : 'the vessel is firing jacketed streams of streams of positrons and anti protons

Who here can calculate the potential or actual joules/second output of 400 GW of jacketed positrons and antiprotons? Anybody? Scott, you want to give it a shot? No? Then shut up and sit down.

As for Voyager - yeah, so what? We're talking about a barely crewed, barely supplied light cruiser thrown deep into hostile and unknown territory - from what we have seen of how Warp Drive functions, and the fact that it is NOT a linear scale, we can determine two things:

1) Warp Drive is NOT the same speed in all areas of space - some areas can be "warped" more than others. This is substantiated by the fact that, at times, Warp 6 is shown as being FASTER than Warp 8, while Warp 3 at times is faster than Warp 7. OBVIOUSLY this should not be - the only explanation is either A) the writers fucked up (not admissable in a debate) or B) some areas of space are like Warp "highways", and thus are used as primary routes (makes sense when you look at some of their star charts).

Second, Voyager OBVIOUSLY was not going Warp 9.996 (her theoretical maximum sustained speed) due to the fact that she had no place to resupply (antimatter/deuterium/matter for fuel), no place to repair damage (from the MULTIPLE engagements with the Borg/Hirogians/8472/Krenim/et al that fucked that little ship up six ways to sunday), and no real idea of what the local space was like.

So, again, an unsubstantiated and 100% entirely BIASED claim.

Good job Scott - why don't you just go back to staying shut up in this thread before you make yourself look like a buffoon in front of a bunch of new people? Don't think that all of us just "forgot" about how many times you used the same old shit over and over... it didn't work before, it won't work now.