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Earth One Superman tailored to Twilight Generation - Oh the Calamity

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, October 28, 2010, In : Comic Books 
"Superman Gets a Hipster Makeover - Crush: Hollywood's Next Generation" That was the title of the main article. But I wish I had the title of the link. It basically exclaimed that this Superman was being tailored to the Twilight fanatics.
Somebody please shoot me. When is the last time any of you saw a beast in Twilight murder and draw blood???....oh yeah - NEVER! The Superman of this alternate universe within DC, is basically the opposite of the Superman of the prime timeline.
    This article...
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The Day Superman Died

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, October 21, 2010, In : Comic Books 
    The event was widely covered by national and international news media. Superman had been put in real jeopardy for the first time.
I remember my brain was reeling at seeing him pounded again and again, as I watched through a window of the Inquisitor; mass destruction all over Metropolis and Coast City. I exited the front entrance. Running then stopping; not sure what a simple human like myself could have done to help the Man of Steel. On that day, in one moment, when I looked into his eyes,...
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