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Biographical Films 1 - Fernando Chien & Professor Toru Tanaka

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, May 31, 2012, In : Fellow Actors 
Fernando Chien. Actor. Stuntman. Awesome dude. A fellow actor.
Recently I noticed the profile avatar that he uses on a site for posting photographs; on twitter.
I was viewing it on my HTC mobile telephone, and because it was so small, his pose reminded me of a certain Chuck Norris film, among others.
I searched my memory, and finally, while natture called, it came to me. The film, of course. His pose, look, complexion, reminded me of a more lean, and shorter, Professor Toru Tanaka. If that name ...
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Thor - Prepare to be Hammered

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, May 26, 2011, In : Comic Books 
So I saw Thor on Sunday.
This is a film which I thought, 'good, very well made - nobody needs to reboot anything'. Thank God. If they do, I will burn Marvel Studios to the ground. *deep breath* But I digress.

Warning spoilers ahead!

Marvel Studios has continued it's long line of successful films (no, Letterier's Incredible Hulk doesn't count) Thor! Chris Hemsworth, a promising actor, has been snagged for a big budget full length film.

Thor's home is Asgard, Thor, full of hubris, thinks he is comp...
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