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An Update on MY response to "8 Reasons to Date a White Man"

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Sunday, October 17, 2010, In : Human Stupidity 
Unlike the previous post I had which is a transcript of a show that Tariq "Elite" Nasheed did about HIS response, I'm going to update you on what happened when I sniffed out that woman's bullshit with a post of my own. I tell you what, I threw fact after fact in that post. I brought out "DOOM"'s BFG5000!!
    Who ever, on the site, was looking at the long mini-essay I made, where I tore those 8 bullshit reasons to date a white man, (or as I like to call them, '8 reason why Black women avoid bl...
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Transcipt of "Response to: 8 Reasons to Date a White Man"

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : Human Stupidity 
Damn. Yet another black woman who hates herself and is desperate to be accepted by whites; not to mention, pretty damn eager to throw a brotha' under the bus because they see through your BULL-SHIT. That's right.
These are the type of women who when you ask them, "Are you from Africa?" they'll get offended. They could be black as hell, lookin' like Whoopy; they'll respond with some bullshit european answer, "Oh no, I'm mixed with dutch, with portugese,-- um yeah my mama is from Russia....etc" ...
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