So rather than my usual rants about being pissed off with stupid human behavior, I will spare you! *stern look*
*more pleseant demeanor* Now then! Shall we go jail! -- I mean, shall we talk about this new Twitter!
At first I disliked it. I prefered the simplicity of the original. BUT! and that's a big butt----uuuuh, yeah. So when I was following and clicked on a adult entertainment star's profile (in Twitter), I suddenly got the preview message to try out the new version.
    At first I thought it was just too "busy". But I thought, 'let me put aside my bias, and use the #newtwitter for a while longer.     Now. The more I used it, the more I found that it was more streamlined. For example, you didn't have to open a doens of tabs to look at different profiles or tweets of said profiles, you could just click on a link insid a tweet, and a window pops out! (You know it's wierd that when I was proof reading this paragraph I elt the sudden need to read with a British (London) accent.
Also you can view, in reduced capacity, any site link that is in a tweet in the pop out window that appears on the right!

(Right-click and select 'view image'; then enlarge by left-clicking)

Also the good thing about using #newtwitter, is the fact that this streamlined version doesn't eat up memory with your browser *cringe*.  For the geeks out there, you obviously know what I mean.
A few thing need to be added: an image indicating new incoming Direct Messages, and the link indicators to what each person uses to send tweets. In other words, Twitellator, Tweetdeck, Twitter for Android, and so on ad so forth.
So, try to enjoy the new version as I have and you won't regret it.