Any of you, who have seen the Youtube video that outlines the sneaky underhanded promotion of the Tito propaganda ( ), by National Geographic, since the early 20th century (concerning the unnamed Yugoslavian region near Greece slowly being illegally named Macedonia), will know how underhanded these people are. They forcefully name their country Macedonia, even though they are NOT Greek, and expect the educated people around the world to pretend like it's alright.
    Are they forgetting that the international community KNOWS that they have written Tito-propaganda into school books over there, and that a few hundred scholars (none of which were Greek) had written a letter to USA President Obama PROVING that Alexander the Great was Greek; among other things......?! ( )
    For all of you reading this, this has been going on since BEFORE your grand-parents were born.
    Their attitude is completely insulting. Not only that, but they think their actions, which make descendants, who exist in the countries north-east and east of Greece, look like they don't know what they are talking about. Those particular descendants KNOW that Alexander the Great was Greek. They have even preserved GREEK coins which have Alexander's profile engraved on them.
    Are they forgetting that foreign archaeologists found ancient GREEK grave sites in that unnamed part of former Yugoslavia?!
    What the slavo-Bulgarians over there are doing is EXACTLY what the Turks are doing with us near our eastern islands; taunting us continuously with bullshit attempts. But of course that's the ONLY thing they can do. because they know if they do anything to start a war with us that they will be slaughtered - like lambs during Easter in Israel.
Many have said, many of them non-Greeks, that one day Russia and Greece will join together to wipe the Turks of the face of this earth.
    Ever noticed how OTHER former Yugoslavians, like the Croatians, NEVER refer to themselves as 'Macedonian'? That's because they are smart enough to understand the truth. They are also smart enough to know how full of shit their bulgarian neighbors are...
People from USA believe National Geographic maps, but know nothing about the Balkans history and the result that occurred in such maps (Fyroms name paradox) through time...
From 1910 until 1962 Fyrom don't even exist until Tito created this region name as communist propaganda in order to annex it in the future northern Greece (period of the civil Greek war).
Contrary to this it was Yugoslavia, with the end of the communism, that become, in 1990, a swiss cheese of an area with different separate state's which one of them is this silly state called Fyrom: (this currently has remained as such in the US map's with the name of Macedonia. In other words, the American maps, other than the propaganda in the school books that students have in the former Yugoslavian area, are the ONLY maps which perpetuate Tito's propaganda.
    I could go on....the links I provided above will give you a taste of the truth.
Whatever they (whoever) took from us, we'll take it back. Molon Lavê!!

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