Earth One Superman tailored to Twilight Generation - Oh the Calamity

October 28, 2010
Earth One Superman tailored to Twilight Generation - Oh the Calamity
"Superman Gets a Hipster Makeover - Crush: Hollywood's Next Generation" That was the title of the main article. But I wish I had the title of the link. It basically exclaimed that this Superman was being tailored to the Twilight fanatics.
Somebody please shoot me. When is the last time any of you saw a beast in Twilight murder and draw blood???....oh yeah - NEVER! The Superman of this alternate universe within DC, is basically the opposite of the Superman of the prime timeline.
    This article is one hundred percent INACCURATE (to put it lightly) in its presentation. And whoever this writer is, he shouldn't write about things of which he knows not. Earth-One is a separate universe in DC comics, this is NOT the same Superman that we normally read in the comics (this is a different universe; where all the characters are different). This is not a re-telling of the Superman story, but a re-telling of the story of a different superman from a sub-universe. So this writer really needs to do more research before he gets all the noobs up in arms over nothing. But the comparison Yahoo, or whoever, made in the link to that article, needs to be shot. NO comic book character should be subjected to ridiculous Twilight influences - even if it is a character of a separate series within the grand universe of said character.
Josh Duboff, the 'writer' of the article, said this, "The Superhero Universe seems to have been increasingly influenced by what could be termed the "Twilight Effect," What a moron. He doesn't even know that this comic has nothing to do with the prime timeline. Also, the utter steaming garbage that is Twilight, only came out recently. So about what 'many superheroes' is this guy talking???? Propaganda much?
    I tell you what, if Stephen King got a guest writer gig on the Earth One Superman, there wouldn't be any of this emo-cut-your-wrists shit. It would either be very dark humor, with a string of many slow deaths, or lots of uncensored carnage.
Here are a few comments from readers:
From the knowledgable:

To the pissed-off:

To me getting pissed off:

To the ridiculousness of it all:

    Next time you teeny bobbers want to read comic books like us adults, stick with what is already there. The creators shouldn't dumb it down, or moisten up the characters, because you can't handle a real comic book.

This is Johnny Marvéll, and you have just been given simple, honest, direct language. Ephemism free.

The Day Superman Died

October 21, 2010
    The event was widely covered by national and international news media. Superman had been put in real jeopardy for the first time.
I remember my brain was reeling at seeing him pounded again and again, as I watched through a window of the Inquisitor; mass destruction all over Metropolis and Coast City. I exited the front entrance. Running then stopping; not sure what a simple human like myself could have done to help the Man of Steel. On that day, in one moment, when I looked into his eyes,...
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These 'Vampires' suck

October 18, 2010
As far as my title is concerned, I hope to add the film of the same name, to this posting, when I see it.
    Now, if you've come across anything related to the *shudder* Twilight sequel, you have probably noticed that every child (figuratively or literally) who is going crazy over the new film has the most attrocious grammar, and spelling, of anyone across whom you've come. The people I have seen, who aren't making horrible mistakes, are the people who are annoyed with this fillm; filled with...
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An Update on MY response to "8 Reasons to Date a White Man"

October 17, 2010
Unlike the previous post I had which is a transcript of a show that Tariq "Elite" Nasheed did about HIS response, I'm going to update you on what happened when I sniffed out that woman's bullshit with a post of my own. I tell you what, I threw fact after fact in that post. I brought out "DOOM"'s BFG5000!!
    Who ever, on the site, was looking at the long mini-essay I made, where I tore those 8 bullshit reasons to date a white man, (or as I like to call them, '8 reason why Black women avoid bl...
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Transcipt of "Response to: 8 Reasons to Date a White Man"

October 16, 2010
Damn. Yet another black woman who hates herself and is desperate to be accepted by whites; not to mention, pretty damn eager to throw a brotha' under the bus because they see through your BULL-SHIT. That's right.
These are the type of women who when you ask them, "Are you from Africa?" they'll get offended. They could be black as hell, lookin' like Whoopy; they'll respond with some bullshit european answer, "Oh no, I'm mixed with dutch, with portugese,-- um yeah my mama is from Russia....etc" ...
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Something different

October 9, 2010
So rather than my usual rants about being pissed off with stupid human behavior, I will spare you! *stern look*
*more pleseant demeanor* Now then! Shall we go jail! -- I mean, shall we talk about this new Twitter!
At first I disliked it. I prefered the simplicity of the original. BUT! and that's a big butt----uuuuh, yeah. So when I was following and clicked on a adult entertainment star's profile (in Twitter), I suddenly got the preview message to try out the new version.
    At first I thought...
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October 6, 2010
I want to talk about A LOT of moist energy going around.
    For those of you who don't know, moist means a guy who's kind of androgenous, he's like right in between. It doesn't mean homosexual, not straight. A moist dude is somebody who kind of acts gay, but claims to be straight. He's like right there in the middle. He's not wet, he's not dry, he's moist.
And the thing is, the reason I'm very critical of dudes like this, is, BE WHO YOU ARE. Let a mother-fucker know what's going on with you. I...
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America: Boobs "Я" Us (not for the weak minded)

October 4, 2010
Like Sarah (of the Disillusionists) also mentioned - since I'm in Greece - I keep seeing this pink shit everywhere and mostly on guys in the US of A wearing bright pink clothing, accessories, etc.. About the only thing that remains to become pink is mens underwear!! What's next?! pink tacos?! ---- oh wait, we already have those.
And have you seen the shit that American ball players are wearing?! What is this, turn-straight-men-into-moist-assholes day?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you ...
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Women, women, women....

September 25, 2010
What is it with women who are attracted to a guy but don't give their telephone number? What is it with women who are attracted to a guy and always have an excuse as to why they can't go on a date? What is it with women, who are older than a guy to which they are attracted, who always seem distant at the most convenient moments? They do it because they want to have a power buzz - to get off on that act. And as 'Teddy' Crane says, on Boston Legal, "'s that simple.".
Those girls should not...
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Everything is Greek

September 15, 2010
Everything is Greek - we've already established that to the Nth degree. Hearing people complain, again and again, that we, as Greeks, are too arogant, and that foreigners know more than us about our own culture, is really starting to grate like country music.
    The only reason it seems that foreigners think we know less, is because we are modest, and humbled enough to see so many on earth coming out of their savage, narrow minded ways, by recieving the light that we gave to this planet -- in...
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