Teatro Municipal. That is where I performed this month. A lovely opera house (I hate opera by the way lol) which, in my humble view, didn't have the accoustics that I needed. Either that or my right ear needed cleaning.
Jan is a prick. Well, most Brits, in the arts, are pricks. He tried to commandeer my program with some bullshit ideas. Obviously he missed the memo that it was MY concert, and not his personal vanity project. But I set him straight; very publicly might I add -- in front of the whole orchestra. That shut him up pretty quick.

But I digress. The audience there, was wonderful. The teenagers who came to see me (mostly musicians) came up to me and asked for photos, et cetera. Heh, I felt like a rock star.

This is another photo of the interior. It's a good angle.

The afterath reminded me of what happened after my concerts in Japan with the philharmonic i traveled with from Toronto. People asking for photographs, giving little bags of presents. Generally being star struck by the gaijin that was beside them lol
It was great. Soon I'll be doing a concert here, in Athens -- hopefully. Thank you to all who came. I appreciate it. My wallet appreciates it too LOL

Laughing all the way to the bank,
                                                Johnny Marvéll