I want to talk about A LOT of moist energy going around.
    For those of you who don't know, moist means a guy who's kind of androgenous, he's like right in between. It doesn't mean homosexual, not straight. A moist dude is somebody who kind of acts gay, but claims to be straight. He's like right there in the middle. He's not wet, he's not dry, he's moist.
And the thing is, the reason I'm very critical of dudes like this, is, BE WHO YOU ARE. Let a mother-fucker know what's going on with you. If you are homosexual, BE THAT. If you are straight, be straight.
    But now we got this little moist -- movement, that's going on; there's a lot of moist energy goin' on with dudes right now. It's getting really heavy.
I go out, I go to the malls, ---- its with these young dudes, of all nationalities!! I see teenagers out in the States with skinny jeans, and lip rings, and tongue rings,and arched eye brows and scarves. Some ain't right...
And there's a lot of young girls who apparantly like this moist behavior in these young 'men'.
So I'm going to rebuke this moist energy and see what's really going on, because the media is really promoting moist energy.
    The American Music Awards for instance. Very moist. A lot of the artists were just extremely moist. Everywhere you go, you see moist ass behavior! I was at the gymnasium the other day. Everytime you go to the gym', you see moist behavior. Dudes running around with biker shorts and flip-flops; doing booty crunches... Just moist behavior. You can't escape it.....
    But I like to know what's going on with somebody; if I'm going to hang-out with you. Because I had a situation one time where I was in the company of somebody where they said something kind of moist, and I stopped hangin' with him...!
One guy, we were old buddies - cool as hell - we'd hook up with women together, the whole shabang! Then this dude said something that just rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn't out-right homosexual, but what he said was very moist.
We're relaxing one time at a club... He was saying,
            "you know man, you need to come to this party man. It's freaky! And you need to follow through. You need to come up there and get your dick sucked."
Whaaaat?! What the hell did this guy just say....?! Just the tone in which he said it; God damn, that sounded moist. I'm trying to rationalize it, 'maybe he meant this;' 'let me look at it from a different angle;' 'maybe he meant something else.' But every angle I looked at, it was moist. Not that I give a shit about what sexual preference people choose to have, but I want to know who the hell I'm around. Because I don't want to be in a situation where this dude is low-key campaignin' for my butt cheeks!! You feel what I'm saying? Because the statement that this dude made, the emphasis, was on my genitalia. Not on the women. A real player would say something like, "yeah you need to go to this party, man; get down with some bitch" etc etc The emphasis would be on the women. In this situation, the emphasis was on my genetalia. So that shit made me very uncomfortable. That's an example of moist behavior.
    You can see clips on Youtube -- Youtube is just a moist bastion of dudes; just moisture all over the place. You see guys singing tunes from Ke$sha, Jennifer Hudson, Alisha Keys...  That's just beyond gone.
    But now they have it in the movies.
    This movie "Twilight" - very popuar movie... Months ago one acquiantance was going to release his books on playin' and other similar subjects. He liked his books to be on the top 50. And usually each of his books were in the top 50. (When your books reach the top 50, places like Barnes & Noble display it right where you walk in.) His, with his latest book, was going to hit the top 50 at the afformentioned book store. And for some reason, it couldn't get in the top 50. It would get in the top 60, the top 55; but it would always get knocked out of the top 50. And it was because of those God damn "Twilight" books....! And it was killing his book. They had like ten version of Twilight. So like he, I was hearing a lot about this, and decided to go see what it was after the media hype of the second film was insane.
    And this film was the hottest, longest, piece of garbage I have ever seen in my LIFE! Hot, damn, garbage. From beginning, to the end. And I'm so not a hater; if there's something groovy, I'll go see it. All day. -- I was thinking, "it's a vampire movie, cool". And I go see the film and it's a bunch of MOIST VAMPIRES! That's really what it is!! They don't kill anybody! It's just a bunch of moist vampires standing around puckering their lips and shit....! I'm like, "you have got to be fucking kidding me!" One of the vampires has like a,...a lace front wig - what the fuck?! Running around with their shirt off; through most of the movie! And the little girls in the theater just sreaming.
One dude taking off his shirt to show his emaciated body, and girls screaming, "ooooo!!" I'm like, 'what the fuck...?!', and making this movie out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread...! I was on my blog, my twitter, etc, I couldn't sit there and watch it... I may have dozed off too, I don't know.
And now that I've mentioned vampires, what the hell happened to Dracula? Now he was playa'! He had his cape and collar chain; had his hair slicked back....he was all over that bitch! He was a pimp!! This 'Twilight' has vampires in skinny-jeans!! How the fuck are you going to be a vampire in some skinny-jeans?? I wish I was a vampire at the cinema, so I could turn into a bat and fly the fuck out of there. That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.
But that's what we're passing off as entertainment. And it's like they're promoting moistness.
    And I think a lot of women like that movie because he was a vampire who was in love with this chick who was a regular human... *insert bitter sarcasm* So he was fighting his desire to bite her; because he was so in love with her. *end bitter sarcasm* And I think women found that bullshit romantic. He was so in-love with her that he fought off his vampire urge's I'm like, 'why don't you just bite this bitch, so I can go home and eat, and get some sleep.'
    Damn! But I digress. Like I said, popular culture right now is really dictated by what's in the media. And I think that a lot of coorporations want to make dudes moist so they can sell moist accessories to them. I think they tell you that being moist is cool - that being metrosexual is cool - so they can sell you scarves; designer head rags; designer man-purses; nipple rings; to sell you moist fragrances....
If you look at fragrances now, most colognes, that they have in body-sprays for men, the advertisements are always with a moist undertone. It's always some dude laying on a beach, on his stomach, looking over his shoulder. There's always a moist overtone to some ads'. That's why when I do advertisements about colognes it's always going to be in the playa' section; with two or three females around me; it's always going to be sophisticated.
    This moist energy is ridiculous, man. Next time all of you see moist energy, I want you to rebuke it. When you see skinny jeans, you rebuke that energy.
*insert gospel organ music* You bow your head and say, 'walk away Lucifer. I rebuke thine moist energy. I rebuke thine skinny jeans, I rebuke thine man-purses. I rebuke thine crackers and nigga's in flip-flops.... Walk away satan. I rebuke thine lip-ring, and nipple piercings - and walk away satan. -- I rebuke thine crackers that go and watch the movie "Twilight", walk away satan. I rebuke thine crackers with lip-gloss and baby hair. Walk away satan. *end gospel organ music*