Yes, you've guest it. I've been away for a while because I've been practicing for an upcoming concert in Greece. Anyhoo, time to give the keys a rest for a moment and drool ---- *cough* and talk about the ravishing Rika.
I took her advise and google stalked her o.O ...yes, you read that correctly. I was doing ummm, research o.O .
    One question that came to mind when I saw her Zed card was, 'Why the HELL did she leave modeling for gaming? (For those of you not in the industry, in a nut-shell, a Zed card is what models - fashion models, et.c - use to advertise themselves and get gigs. I used to have one too. They serve as a model's portfolio, business card, and interview. Like what you see above in Rika's Zed card.) I digress.
    I saw Rika's gaming stuff through Katrina Hill's tweets. (Sorry I didn't save tweet addresses). (Known by tens of thousands of followers as Action Chick).
    At first glance of her photos, with Katrina, I knew something looked familiar. Soooooo I google stalked [Rika] her. {Yes, that's what I did; stop yelling...! A good reporter leaves no source unturned.} Her information on her Model Mayem page, rang a few bells. Also this is not a face you forget; especially if you've been in the industry yourself.
    Quite surprising is her few followers on Twitter. Last I  checked she only had around 23 or so. Now it's about 120 (?). People...! What's wrong with you?! fo-llow her! I'd think all of you male gamers would be clamoring to see what she's doing in the gaming world...! Like this old teaser. That being said, you can learn more at . (I don't agree with their choice for Gamette of the Year. Katrina and/or Rika would be more logical choices.)
Of course you don't need me to promote Rika to death. Just take a look at her, and what she currently does, and you'll understand immediately that she knows how to self-promote.
So, back to Bösendorfer. More on Rika later.