Recently I posted several comments on a teenagers site who was "discussing" 'Verizon PREJUDICE' video on youtube (she also tagged it on her site). The girl who has the blog claims to promote discussion, yet when she does not like what someone says, she immediately erases the comment. Denial much?
Not surprisingly she promotes the use of illogical arguments which are chock full of fallacies (she would be a prosecutors wet dream). She claims to be civil yet she prevents anybody from speaking freely and logically. In fact, every person who commented on the blog, has not made one solid argument. They would be torn to shreads by a seasoned debator. My dear your reasoning is laughable, and your argument is non-existent. If you want to control someones language and use fear mongering, don't do it with me. Do it with someone weaker minded.
Your red herring fallacies and cherry picking fallacies are not amusing.
For your sake, youngling, I hope you take care of this 'affliction' you have.