Everything is Greek - we've already established that to the Nth degree. Hearing people complain, again and again, that we, as Greeks, are too arogant, and that foreigners know more than us about our own culture, is really starting to grate like country music.
    The only reason it seems that foreigners think we know less, is because we are modest, and humbled enough to see so many on earth coming out of their savage, narrow minded ways, by recieving the light that we gave to this planet -- instead of waling on some random person because we love being in denial and love spreading propaganda because we've been brainwashed by our government. There is a reason our arrogance shows when we are 'challenged' by foreigners with what they think they know. We become that way during such a challenge because all we see is petulant children who think - because they have a leaf - that they understand the entire tree. That and the fact that we are the only race to have presreved our knowledge. The only race to not copy someone else because we envy them (Romans), or hate someone enough to steal their culture because we don't have a history (Vardarskans, former yugoslavians). And because we are the only race to not be careless (Babylonians) or fanatic scrooges (Egyptians) who don't share the knowledge they have, instead taking it to their dusty, and forgotten graves; or, selfishly leaving it behind (Mayans, Incas).
    That being said, short of saying "bow down before your God", we ask that you not piss us off anymore, and be grateful that you are still alive. Cherish what little pop culture you have, and stop throwing your self-hatred and denial onto us.