"Superman Gets a Hipster Makeover - Crush: Hollywood's Next Generation" That was the title of the main article. But I wish I had the title of the link. It basically exclaimed that this Superman was being tailored to the Twilight fanatics.
Somebody please shoot me. When is the last time any of you saw a beast in Twilight murder and draw blood???....oh yeah - NEVER! The Superman of this alternate universe within DC, is basically the opposite of the Superman of the prime timeline.
    This article is one hundred percent INACCURATE (to put it lightly) in its presentation. And whoever this writer is, he shouldn't write about things of which he knows not. Earth-One is a separate universe in DC comics, this is NOT the same Superman that we normally read in the comics (this is a different universe; where all the characters are different). This is not a re-telling of the Superman story, but a re-telling of the story of a different superman from a sub-universe. So this writer really needs to do more research before he gets all the noobs up in arms over nothing. But the comparison Yahoo, or whoever, made in the link to that article, needs to be shot. NO comic book character should be subjected to ridiculous Twilight influences - even if it is a character of a separate series within the grand universe of said character.
Josh Duboff, the 'writer' of the article, said this, "The Superhero Universe seems to have been increasingly influenced by what could be termed the "Twilight Effect," What a moron. He doesn't even know that this comic has nothing to do with the prime timeline. Also, the utter steaming garbage that is Twilight, only came out recently. So about what 'many superheroes' is this guy talking???? Propaganda much?
    I tell you what, if Stephen King got a guest writer gig on the Earth One Superman, there wouldn't be any of this emo-cut-your-wrists shit. It would either be very dark humor, with a string of many slow deaths, or lots of uncensored carnage.
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    Next time you teeny bobbers want to read comic books like us adults, stick with what is already there. The creators shouldn't dumb it down, or moisten up the characters, because you can't handle a real comic book.

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