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Biographical Films 1 - Fernando Chien & Professor Toru Tanaka

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, May 31, 2012, In : Fellow Actors 
Fernando Chien. Actor. Stuntman. Awesome dude. A fellow actor.
Recently I noticed the profile avatar that he uses on a site for posting photographs; on twitter.
I was viewing it on my HTC mobile telephone, and because it was so small, his pose reminded me of a certain Chuck Norris film, among others.
I searched my memory, and finally, while natture called, it came to me. The film, of course. His pose, look, complexion, reminded me of a more lean, and shorter, Professor Toru Tanaka. If that name ...
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Jim Carrey funny interview - on The Late show with David Letterman

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Saturday, February 5, 2011, In : Fellow Actors 
(any breaks with '----' indicate an abruptly edited section in the video) this is a transcription of this video


Jim Carrey: *mouths 'thank you' *

Letterman: wow....!!! -- How are ya?

Jim Carrey: NEW YORK CITY!!
*Letterman laughs*
Jim Carrey: *southern accent* I don't get to come to the big hound very often..!

Letterman: You haven't been here in a while --
                Jim Carrey: *southern accent* -- I like it. *pause* Especially that port auth...
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Two Fallen Actors that I loved with All My Heart

Posted by Johnny Marvell on Thursday, November 4, 2010, In : Fellow Actors 
    I've been in mourning for a very long time. After I mourned the loss of my unborn child, I was naïve enough to think I wouldn't have to mourn for another few decades. Boy, was I wrong.
The last time I saw him, it seemed more like my usual premonitions, than something that was actually, physically, happening.
It was Easter, we (many people) had gone off to their separate locations to celebrate with family. I was excited to go to Myrtea (a village where my mother grew up). I hadn't been the...
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