Stop bitching about a particular person constantly, and FOCUS on what needs to be done for the campaign; which some want to start over three months after another  SGU campaign. It's quite sad. If it has to take you the whole past month to figure out how you're going to gain thousands of followers.... again, in a very short amount of time, then you lost the race long ago. Many SG1 fans will recognize the appropriate: "If you immediately know the fire is burning, than the meal was cooked a long time ago."  Especially if you don't care about numbers and how you will observe who follows you everyday and how many responses they make as a whole. That's what happened to a certain popular indy film a few years ago, and you know what happened during the films limited run? It's viewers fell through the toilet because the creators didn't pay attention to the ratios and percentages of their fan base!! Major DUUUUUH. Or like successful people who made "Paranormal", they PAYED attention to how their numbers would explode; and chatted and talked about the product on MANY social platforms on the 'net. And you know what? They spent next to nothing for the film and got a massive influx of fans AND money. Now that's hustlin' !
Also don't be underhanded trolls like @speak_in_music (on Twitter) who are too dim-witted to notice how their page is coded. But I think it's on purpose. Because when I confronted him about bashing a certain SGU campaigner, he started this denial-ridden, fallacy-laced, babbling. For example,!/speak_in_music/status/28167675339350017  --- no you haven't gone blind. His words are actually coded in white. And this was my response . I let him have it. Because he's a lazy arm-chair critic-troll who comments on things without knowing the facts.
But I digress. The not-so-subtle point I'm trying to make here, is that some campaigns MONTHS AGO, already had a plan to save Stargate Universe. And now some outsiders want to start OVER, and have this love-and-flowers approach to the campaign. It's not gonna work folks! You either do it right and focus on one thing, and know EXACTLY what to do, or you don't do it all.
My last point: stop bitching. Nobody believes you are willing to be civilized when you stick to a particular event, and person - like a dog with a bone - instead of "gathering followers" like you said you would.