Fernando Chien. Actor. Stuntman. Awesome dude. A fellow actor.
Recently I noticed the profile avatar that he uses on a site for posting photographs; on twitter.
I was viewing it on my HTC mobile telephone, and because it was so small, his pose reminded me of a certain Chuck Norris film, among others.
I searched my memory, and finally, while natture called, it came to me. The film, of course. His pose, look, complexion, reminded me of a more lean, and shorter, Professor Toru Tanaka. If that name sounds familiar, it's because you are either a martial arts and/or action film fan, or a wrestling fan.
Professor Toru Tanaka, or Charles Kalani, Jr. was a wrestler which many remember had Mr. Fuji as a partner.
Like Fernando, they are/were both professionals who took/take their jobs seriously. The only difference: Fernando Chien also has a lot of fun being an actor/stuntman, and lets his work bring happiness to him. Tanaka, was very professional, never worked outside the box, and took his job, as many wrestlers have mentioned, too seriously. So much so that, when partnered with Mr. Fuji, he was afraid to go with the flow because of Mr. Fuji's unpredictable nature in the ring.

Fernando Chien, I have suspected for a long time, is not so rigid on, or off camera, or during filming.
As a stunt actor, many of you will know him from The Art of War, or The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. But I suspect for millions of Trekkies, you will know Fernando from Star Trek: Enterprise. If my memory serves me correctly, that is when I saw Fernando for the first time (next to The Art of War). When I did some research afterward, I was very surprised to find out that, for his work on three episode of the series, he received no on-screen credits for his appearances. As an actor, that bothers me quite a bit. But I digress.
Digging deeper through my archives - yes, my film and music collection are that big - I found out he has also been a double for Jackie Chan (who recently announced that he is retiring from films because "the world is too violent right now").

Now you may be wondering about why I am writing so much about both Chien and Tanaka, in this article.
Think about it for a moment. Let it sink in. Then look at this:

Many of us have seen biographical films. Like the one with the Three Stooges, starring Michael Chicklis. So why not have a biographical film starring Fernando Chien as the wrestler Charles Kalani, Jr..?
Of course there are obviously height and weight issues, but we are in the film industry, and many techniques have been perfected/created that could transform Fernando into a much loved figure of the wrestling world and Hollywood.
And it's a wonderful choice. Fernando is a martial artist, and Kelani has been in martial arts films.
So come on Hollywood. Hire Chien for this. And if it's not worth your time, there are always other amazing filmakers overseas, who could do an amazing job with this biographical film.