Unlike the previous post I had which is a transcript of a show that Tariq "Elite" Nasheed did about HIS response, I'm going to update you on what happened when I sniffed out that woman's bullshit with a post of my own. I tell you what, I threw fact after fact in that post. I brought out "DOOM"'s BFG5000!!
    Who ever, on the site, was looking at the long mini-essay I made, where I tore those 8 bullshit reasons to date a white man, (or as I like to call them, '8 reason why Black women avoid black men, who can sniff out their bullshit, and instead date white men who don't recognize their past',) probably knew immediately, that I wasn't joking around and needed to silence the truth.
    It seems they decided NOT to post my very detailed argument, so instead they opted to block me from trying to post again, and continue approving comments by females who personally attack black men and argue about their penis sizes, instead of having intelligence bullshit-free conversations.
There was a response to that list by a man, with a list of his own. He claimed that the woman's list of reason "got him fuming". Well if that's the case, Mr. PhD, why the hell is your 'list' full of on-the-fence comments, as if you are trying not to piss of any women?? Why not just tear that list to shreds with actual facts about why black women really do date white men?? The answer: because you're a pussy. You have no fucking balls. Some black chick probably chastized you for trying to expose her bullshit and so you became subservient yourself!! How do you like them apples, huh?!