Like Sarah (of the Disillusionists) also mentioned - since I'm in Greece - I keep seeing this pink shit everywhere and mostly on guys in the US of A wearing bright pink clothing, accessories, etc.. About the only thing that remains to become pink is mens underwear!! What's next?! pink tacos?! ---- oh wait, we already have those.
And have you seen the shit that American ball players are wearing?! What is this, turn-straight-men-into-moist-assholes day?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fucking kidding me??! I guaruntee feminists are behind this. This is some real "Outer Limits" shit, man.
    Instead of bringing awareness to prostate examination, you keep focusing on breasts. *holds thumbs up* Good job!
Here is something for your brain to chew on: Breast cancer is NOT the number 1 cause of death for women!!! Woman smoke more than men on this God-forsaken planet! Forget about breathing - WE CAN USE AN IRON LUNG! Forget about thinking, WE CAN DONATE OUR BRAINS TO SCIENCE AND KEEP OUR VEGETABLE BODIES ON LIFE SUPPORT!! Forget about hearts, just take it OUT so that no angel can inhabit our bodies!!!! I guess those organs are not important enough to do the horizontal mambo! People all over North America are loosing their damn minds.....!
    Look at it this way, instead of going through hell to save your breasts, cut them off and get fake ones! Instead of going through an awckward colon examination, get it replaced! (Believe me, I know how it feels, and I actually never knew you can get a fake one. And no I don't have a fake colon). Remember the expression on the bulldog's face (in Looney Toons) when the grandmother was pulling thorns out of his ass?? Yeah, 'nuff said.
    Instead of looking at proper, informative, medical commercials, I keep seeing this moist shit everywhere; from toilet paper, to the plastic cup out of which I am drinking right now in the concert hall of the Royal Conservatory.
That's just what we need. First we have the beer drinking assholes spreading their logo feces all over the landscape at sports games, now we have to have this moist shit even on men who are straight-arrows! And we have all these colored ribbons now: red for A.I.D.S. pink for breast cancer, blue for child abuse....I have a brown one, you know what it means? EAT SHIT MOTHER FUCKER!!