I remember the first time I met him back in Unionville Highschool. He was very modest (still is). I was still in the music program there, at the time. Only later that year did I enter the drama program partly because of him (my other influence was my instructor Jeff Goldblum).
I started talking to him (I don't remember how the conversation started). We were discussing our accomplishments, our future gigs, et cetera, and then it hit me. At first I thought it was my fleeting imagination. I had my first premonition (yes, it happened just after puberty). I saw the image of 'him' in strange black clothing, something like a cloak; he was frozen in action as if 'he' was either jumping down, or raising 'his' arms to do something.
Years later, when we unfortunately lost touch, I saw an add for one of George Lucas' films. Star Wars. At first I thought, "that's probably his old films being updated with current post-production technology". But later, on the canadian news networks in Toronto, I saw reporters announcing, what I thought, was a re-release of Star Wars. But it was not. They were new films; the first ones, technically, that would complete Lucas' universe.
I sat watching the announcement in my hotel room in South America (I was doing a concert there), drinking an insanely expensive bottle of water, and all of the sudden, I shot that expenive mineral water out of my mouth. They were talking about Hayden being chosen to portray Luke Skywalker's son, Anakin.
I sat staring at the screen in joy and amazement.
Later on when I saw the 3rd film, I was hit by the profound realization that I had seen this before. The vision I saw, back then in highschool, was of his character changing into Darth Vader!!!