A Greek actor, Johnny began music at the age of 4 1/2.  His insatiable thirst for more challenging material led him to the Royal Conservatory of Music.  There he studied under the guidance of Solon Reyes a Philipino pianist who also holds a doctorate in Chemistry.  Eventually, before completing his graduate exams, he also began at the then newly formed Glenn Gould Studio (also apart of the RCM).
Further training led to Unionville High school (a school originally build for the arts) in theater and music. Other graduates of the drama program Arts York are: Hayden Christensen (of Star Wars fame).  His training there led him to concerts in many cities around the world.  Namely in Japan, England, Greece, western Canada, and in the mid-west of the U.S. of A..
While at U.H.S., his hunger for Jazz was awoken by Big Bands already under the guidance of Leon Racine.  Is his second year he began studiing jazz under Leon Racine.
Among the other directors with which  Johnny Marvell studied were: Diana Wasilenko, John Phillips, Dennis Beck, to name a few.
He continued to study acting for film and Jazz performance at the prestigious York University.  As at U.H.S. he was the only one of 2 students ever allowed to do a double major at those schools.  Other notable graduates of the acting program at York is actor Rachel McAdams.  His studies in theater broadened to include Equity Showcase of which instructors from York also taught there.
After recieving his doctorate in a quite specific area (mainly under the heading of Encephalopathy) which dealt with specific sound frequencies and how they affect patients with severe cranial injuries and patients who are potentially terminally ill from brain trauma.
He has also studied at Julliard (for theater), for about a year, and around the same period studied under Ted Rosenthal.  He also studied for roughly the same amount of time at Playhouse West in Hollywood, California under the guidance of Jeff Goldblum.
After finishing his 1st doctorate (which was finally granted and signed in February of 2009) he travelled the world to reflect, and to be in places were he was not known for his work.
Later on he moved to Greece which is his current residence, and has continued theatrical studies in Athens under the instruction of such actors as Michael Seibel, Mirto Pispini, Philipos Sofianos, Vasilis Ritsos, Elena Efteeva, and Theodoros Kyriakos to name a few.
He is currently writing theatrical works, filming several foreign films and building an international band with singers Anna Birta and Katerina Inga Leonaraki.

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