I know it’s painful for you to speak, so I’ll write instead. Plus I don’t want to get overly emotional in front of you >.< Not that would be a bad thing among friends. J

Trekkies in arms!

Initially when I first got to know you, and learned that you used to be a cop, I thought “great, another professional asshole” lol Slowly, but surely, I got to know what type of person you were out of uniform. You mischievous humor, helped deter my mind from my problems and woes, and allowed me to make a friend – something, which as a musician, is difficult to do because of how we think; isolation etc.

I learned of your woes as well. It showed me that physical detriments can be just as devastating to the mind, as mental warfare that robs you of your gift; being unable to practice. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to hear me play. And perhaps one day you’ll teach me how to shoot a gun :D

Unfortunately, this Christmas I am alone again - save for my mother. And as someone who is absent of companionship, at least I have male friend like you to whom I can speak as a man – though nations apart.

Wishing you were here to share in the [meager] feast we have prepared. I’m sure an American such as yourself will be pleasantly, surprised at how tasty lamb can be when prepared properly. Though the garlic cloud that will surround us, may make you dizzy xD


Merry Christmas, Jason Bagby. May the New Year bring you a miracle, which your soul so desires.

From one burly man to another, here is a classic wartime pin-up for you :D

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